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Department Faculty:

  • Robin Davies
  • Joy Gugeler
  • Ravindra Mohabeer, Ph.D. – Chair
  • Debra Pentecost, Ph.D.
  • Doug Stetar
  • Alanna Williams
  • Department Technician:

  • Chris Alemany
  • Contract Faculty:

  • Ashley Blacquiere
  • Richard Boyce
  • Affiliated Faculty:

  • Daniel Burgoyne
    x Daniel Burgoyne

    Daniel Borgoyne, Chair, Department of English, VIU, developed INTR 100, “Popular Culture and University Writing” and INTR 101, “Digital Media and Literature,” with Media Studies faculty member, Doug Stetar. Daniel is often engaged in co-teaching these INTR course offerings. http://english.viu.ca/daniel-burgoyne

  • Kevin Mazutinec
    x Kevin Mazutinec
  • Honourary Associate:

  • Marshall Soules
  • Support Staff

  • Ros Davies
    x Ros Davies


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    Ashley Blacquiere

    Areas of focus

    • Experimental gameplay design and interactive narrative
    • Tabletop and physical – digital hybrid games
    • Mathematical game design

    Teaching focus

    • Game studies and game development
    • Popular culture and media studies



    B.Sc., University of Prince Edward Island (Mathematics)
    Masters of Digital Media, Centre for Digital Media, Simon Fraser University

    As a game designer working the video game industry, Ashley has designed games for major AAA game developers and publishers (Activision, Bungie and Techland), for smaller social game studios (Gnosis Games, KANO/APPS), and for indie collectives (Big Hadron Games). Ashley’s research practice centres on the design of games for educational purposes, focusing specifically on modelling complex systems and social institutions. As a research associate and founding member of the University of Victoria’s Digital Storytelling and Social Simulation Lab Ashley has developed games that draw attention to the complexities and challenges faced by subpopulations and marginalized individuals in society. Ashley’s additional interests include experimental game mechanics and design, digital-physical hybrid gameplay, and games that explore social connections.