DIGI 110 Lab
Video Cameras - 60s Interview

Due Before Next Class

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STANDARD (75% marks):

By completing the standard portion of this lab students will demonstrate:

ADVANCED (+25% Marks):

By completing the advanced portion of this lab students will demonstrate:

Standard Lab - The Work

  1. Partner with your neighbours. Groups of 3 to 5 depending on how many cameras/tripods are available.
  2. Obtain one Video Camera and Tripod.

The Interview

  1. EACH student in the group DIRECTS AND RECORDS at least 1 MINUTE of interview between two people.
  2. EACH student will complete the three shots below before switching.

Shot One - Standing Question

  1. Setup the tripod and video camera in a location of your choice.
  2. Film the Interviewee standing and answering a Question (eg. "Why did you choose to take this class")

Shot Two (B-Roll - Talking)

  1. Get a shot of the Interviewee and Interviewer together talking.

Shot Three (B-Roll - Intro)

  1. Get a shot of the Interviewee approaching the Camera from a distance. No audio required. (maybe exiting a door of a building or walking up a path toward and through the camera)


  1. Once one set of students has completed the three shots. Now switch roles so that a new student is recording/directing. You can switch locations and interviewer/interviewee as well.

Here are different person camera angles/shots:


The 180 Degree rule - Wikipedia entry

  1. Create a scene in one or two shots that demonstrates breaking or showing the 180 rule (crossing the axis)


  1. When you’re finished return to class. EVERY student should create a short word or text document, 1-2 paragraphs, describing what you did. Submit this document to the Drop Box.
  2. If you did the Advanced portion, make sure you describe how you demonstrated the 180 rule.

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