DIGI 110 Lab - Effects, Transitions, Titles and Voice

Due Before Next Class

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STANDARD (75% marks):

By completing the standard portion students will demonstrate:

ADVANCED (+25% Marks):

By completing the advanced porting students will demonstrate:


  1. We recommend using a Media Studies or your own Mac Laptop to use iMovie. If you use your own Video Editing Application we cannot guarantee that you will be able to complete this lab in its entirety.

Standard Lab - Adding the fun stuff

  1. Open iMovie to your project from last class or create a new one and add at least 1 minute of clips to the timeline.
  2. Click on one of the clips in the timeline
  3. Apply a Video Filter to the clip that makes it look black and white. THe tool is the 3 circles above the preview window in iMovie.
  4. Now change the exposure, saturation, or temperature of the same clip using the pallette tool above the preview window.
  5. If you video editing application does not have these tools, make sure you leave a note when you submit your lab explaining which tools your application was missing.
  6. Add a Transition between two clips.
  7. Add a centered title at the beginning of your movie that applies *overtop* the existing clip so you see both the start of your video, and the title.
  8. Add a Rolling Credit title at the end of your movie that stands alone, on a black background.
  9. Your titles should have real names and words in them :)


  1. Find out how to do a voice over in your video application.
  2. Add a voice over into the timeline.

Submit your Lab

  1. Let us know you are done so they can come over and check your work.
  2. Take a screenshot of the iMovie window (make sure you zoom out so you can see the entire timeline): Press Shift-Apple(Command)-3
  3. Submit it to the Dropbox

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