Dear Mum – An Invitation to the Portal 2016 Launch

I’m in my third year of the Creative Writing program at VIU and this term I’m taking CREW430 , which means I’ve joined the Portal team. I’m the coordinator of the Portal launch celebrating 25 years of publishing on April 7th, 2016. Here’s the invitation I’m sending to my mother. Dear Mum, Remember the first […]

Off the Wall

I have the privilege of being the Art Director for the 2016 issue of Portal, hitting newsstands in April, but at the moment I’m sitting on my hands waiting for submissions to come in by our November 27th deadline. To forestall the overwhelming excitement associated with anticipating the upcoming term  – when the class and […]

All About Funding Portal

Working on soliciting ads and planning events this year for Portal has meant talking to people and building a personal but professional relationship with possible donors or businesses. It gives us a chance to meet the owners of small or large businesses in Nanaimo and convince them that their dollars are well spent in a […]

Preserving Voice in Poetry

Room to Grow Some feel poetry is difficult to write and to read and, sadly, poetry isn’t likely to make you rich, but it is not dead, it just requires a friendly environment in which to grow. For 25 years Portal has provided that safe and nurturing environment. As Poetry Editor, I am responsible for […]

More than Just a Pretty Picture

As the Audio-Visual Editor for the 2016 Portal, I will be working with a team to create both audio and visual elements that add depth beyond the page to include podcasts, animated projects, and trailers for the magazine. The AV Editor works closely with the Web Editor in planning project content to be uploaded and […]