For the Love of All Things Good

For me, the most exciting part about Portal isn’t seeing the end result (though that’s certainly a close second). My favourite part is seeing it all come together, and that’s what the second semester is all about. After some heated debates, the votes are in, and now we need to decide how to order and […]

Portal’s New Year’s Resolutions

We officially finish voting on submissions this week and begin editing the 25th anniversary edition of Portal, but before we hit newsstands in April we have a few New Year’s resolutions to kick off 2016. Read on to see what you can expect between our pages and online in the next 3 months. We resolve […]

The Other Side of Publishing

I decided to join Portal this year to glimpse the other side of publishing. I wanted to watch how it was done, and help shape the 2016 issue. I went to the Portal launch party last year for the 2015 issue and it was amazing. It was so much better than I thought a university-level […]

Dear Mum – An Invitation to the Portal 2016 Launch

I’m in my third year of the Creative Writing program at VIU and this term I’m taking CREW430 , which means I’ve joined the Portal team. I’m the coordinator of the Portal launch celebrating 25 years of publishing on April 7th, 2016. Here’s the invitation I’m sending to my mother. Dear Mum, Remember the first […]

Off the Wall

I have the privilege of being the Art Director for the 2016 issue of Portal, hitting newsstands in April, but at the moment I’m sitting on my hands waiting for submissions to come in by our November 27th deadline. To forestall the overwhelming excitement associated with anticipating the upcoming term  – when the class and […]