Portal Event in Courtenay

Portal Magazine, in partnership with the Laughing Oyster Bookstore and Zocalo Cafe (208-A 5TH Street, Courtenay, British Columbia V9N 1J6), invites you to an evening of readings showcasing the poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction of current and past Portal contributors.

The talented line-up of writers includes:
Lorin Medley,
Jessica Key,
Philip Gordon,
Francine McCabe,
Courtney Poole
and others to be announced.

Readings will commence at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 12th. It is recommend that you arrive early to secure a table and enjoy a selection of tapas. Bring your friends. Everyone Welcome.

There will be an opportunity to pre-purchase copies of Portal 2015, which will be available for pick up at the Laughing Oyster Bookstore in early April. Past issues of Portal will also be available to purchase.

Portal Process

This is my second year as a part of the Portal team, and I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite stage in the process. From our call for submissions, to reading and voting on the manuscripts and art, to the editorial and design process, and finally opening a box full of pristine magazines […]

Love to Transport you

The beginning of a new year meant the beginning of a new semester and the continuation of fundraising, launch planning and tweeting for the Marketing team of Portal 2015. We are sticking to our one event per month schedule while our social media accounts remain active to keep you informed week to week as the […]

Kicking off the Spring Semester

The Spring semester for Portal 2015 is off to a busy and engaging start as we countdown to the moment it will be on the newsstand in April. Over the month of January the Portal team has been busy voting to select our 25+ favourite pieces and thoughtfully arranging the fiction, non-fiction, poetry, script and […]

Sharing Words

While writing is often perceived as a solitary act, I’ve grown to believe that it is a wholly collaborative experience. The act of storytelling itself requires at least two people, a reader and a listener. Stories read aloud, whether it’s Dora’s Christmas Party requested for the umpteenth time by an unrelenting 3-year-old, a timeless passage […]