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Department Faculty:

  • Robin Davies
  • Joy Gugeler
  • Ravindra Mohabeer, Ph.D. – Chair
  • Debra Pentecost, Ph.D.
  • Doug Stetar
  • Alanna Williams
  • Department Technician:

  • Chris Alemany
  • Contract Faculty:

  • Ashley Blacquiere
  • Richard Boyce
  • Affiliated Faculty:

  • Daniel Burgoyne
    x Daniel Burgoyne

    Daniel Borgoyne, Chair, Department of English, VIU, developed INTR 100, “Popular Culture and University Writing” and INTR 101, “Digital Media and Literature,” with Media Studies faculty member, Doug Stetar. Daniel is often engaged in co-teaching these INTR course offerings. http://english.viu.ca/daniel-burgoyne

  • Kevin Mazutinec
    x Kevin Mazutinec
  • Honourary Associate:

  • Marshall Soules
  • Support Staff

  • Ros Davies
    x Ros Davies


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    Ravindra Mohabeer, Ph.D. – Chair

    Ravindra Mohabeer, Ph.D. – Chair

    Areas of focus

    • Critical social theory of media and digital culture
    • How fits real world uses/activism
    • Photography and other visual methods of documenting culture


    Teaching areas

    • Media & Audience
    • Introductory Media / Communication Studies
    • Television & Society
    • Emerging Digital Communication



    BA, Honours York University (Mass Communication & Political Science)
    MA, Simon Fraser University (Communication)
    Ph.D., York & Ryerson University (Communication & Culture)


    Ravindra is interested in how people use media in everyday life and how this becomes a major basis of culture. His most recent scholarship focuses on a social construct of invisibility where he asks how the things we see and the things we do not, come to make a difference. With a foundation of training in media and cultural theory along with a history of personal media practice, his work concentrates on visual media and seeks connections between theory and practice, particularly using community focused research and engagement activities. Ravindra is as deeply interested in media history and theory as he is in emerging ‘new’ media futures.